Club Funds

Whilst club funds remain healthy, we are always looking for ways to increase funds so that we can try to keep membership fees as low as possible.

One very successful way to do this is to raise funds by asking you all to use Easy Fundraising to support the club. To date, we have raised well over £600 for the club through this but we need to increase this – it is a way for us to raise money for the club at absolutely no cost whatsoever to our members.

The way Easy Fundraising works is very simple. You go to the Easy Fundraising website then simply enter ‘bnca’ in the box to find us.






You will then need to click the ‘Join Us’ button and fill out your details so that you are registered to support BNCA Table Tennis Club.

Once you have registered, all you need to do is use Easy Fundraising any time that you want to purchase anything online. There is no additional cost to you, the club simply receive a small percentage of anything you spend when you go via Easy Fundraising.

When you wish to purchase anything at all online – your weekly shopping, books, electronics, computers, ink cartridges, holidays, hotel rooms etc. – simply go to the Easy Fundraising website and search for whatever retailer you want to buy from. They have all the big names there for you to shop with – Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, etc., etc. Here are just a few examples:















You probably get the idea by now – pretty much anyone and anything is available through the Easy Fundraising website and every time you use it your club benefits.

So far, with just a handful of the members supporting us, we have raised over £600 for the club using Easy Fundraising – just imagine how much we could raise if we had all our members supporting us this way…

So, PLEASE register with Easy Fundraising to support BNCA Table Tennis Club and help us raise free money for the club.

If we raise enough we can keep fees down, improve equipment etc. so it really is in all our interests to support the club this way.

We are not asking you to buy raffle tickets, come to a quiz night etc., simply to do what you would normally do anyway when buying anything online, but do it through Easy Fundraising!

We look forward to seeing our supporter numbers on Easyfundraising grow considerably in the next few days as you all register to support the club – and remember, you can encourage friends and families to do this to support us too!

Many thanks,

BNCATTC Revised Fixture List

I have now received both the second half of the Click League fixtures (we now have two teams, called Buccaneers and Barracudas) and also the next round of all the cups, which were drawn yesterday. I’ve added them to the fixture list, BNCATTC-Fixtures.xlsx. The new fixtures are highlighted by being out of alignment with the rest, something I would like to claim credit for but is actually explained by my lack of familiarity with Excel.

As you will see there are now four fixtures on Tuesday 9 January and Tuesday 27 February. That means these dates won’t be available for any rearranged fixtures.

League reorganisation

I thought it worth reminding everyone now that we’re around half way through the season that the league may have to reorganise the divisions next season.  The current arrangement of ten teams in div 1, eleven in div 2 and nine in div 3 came about as a result of withdrawals and new entries, and the fact that we didn’t want to relegate a team that hadn’t finished bottom of their division.  That cannot be guaranteed this time.

If we have the same lineup next season, it will be necessary to relegate two teams from division two.  If we have additional entries that may not happen, but of course that’s not something we can anticipate.

Equipment Funding


The club has recently acquired new tables, nets and surrounds following a successful bid to Braintree District Council for funding.  The funding came from the individual councillors’ fund and each of the three councillors representing Black Notley, Graham Butland, the leader of the council, Tom Cunningham and Frankie Ricci, contributed £500.

Councillors Cunningham and Ricci came along to the club to make a formal presentation and to see the club in action, as well as trying out the facilities for themselves.

: (from left) Club chairman Steve Baines, Councillor Frankie Ricci, Councillor Tom Cunningham, club secretary Ron Fosker.

Ron Fosker’s Weekly League Report 31-12-17

Once again Liberal A, champions for the last two years, lead the way at the mid-season break in the Braintree Table Tennis League.

But unlike last season, when they had opened up a 25-point gap at this stage, this time they are only just keeping their noses ahead of second-placed Rayne A.

The difference has not so much to do with their own performance, where they have as last year won every match, but is down to the more potent challenge from their rivals.

Last season the Rayne club’s four top-scoring players, Alan Burgess, Steve Pennell, Adam Buxton and Hector Rogers, were in three different teams.  This year they have been brought together to have a stab at the title. They have lost twice, 6-4 to both Liberal A and Netts A, but have otherwise strung together an impressive set of results and should keep the title race alive for some matches to come.

Black Notley B, second last season, have opened up a lead in division two but Rayne E have been strengthened by the return to action of former first division player Dean Andrews and will be out to make up ground in the second part of the season.

Second place is all the teams in division three have left to fight for as Felsted RBL C continue to march off into the distance.

They have conceded just nine sets in ten matches, a record rendered even more remarkable when one remembers that five of those came in their first match when they came up against an inspired Peter Taylor, who won his three singles and shared in a doubles win.  Since then it has been 9-1 and 10-0 all the way.

Ron Fosker’s Weekly League Report 24-12-17

The fight to avoid relegation from division two of the Braintree Table Tennis League is turning into one of the tightest battles for many years with six of the 11 teams in the division separated by just ten points. The fate of the teams involved is complicated by the need to rebalance the divisions at the end of the season with two teams likely to go down rather than the usual one. All five matches in the most recent set of results involved teams caught up in the struggle.  They all lost, but some, inevitably, will be happier than others.

The two teams who fared best – Black Notley D and Netts E both lost 6-4 – have contrasting records.  Notley currently stand four points better off but have won only one and drawn one of their 11 matches, whereas Netts have won three and drawn two out of ten. Notley D had the good fortune earlier in the season to run across a Notley C team shorn of their two main point scorers Tim Huxtable and Glen Laing, but it is also the fact that they have run most of their opponents close that has kept their heads above water. Their latest reverse is their sixth 6-4 defeat of the season, including their last four matches.

Nomads got the better of them this time, thanks largely to an unbeaten evening by Kevin Saunders. Sean Clift had a good win over Richard Kemp, but all three Notley D players contributed, as has often been the case this season.

Netts E’s result also had a familiar ring to it.

Apart from one set gained by Graham Farmer in the opening match of the season, all Netts’ points have come from Fred Evans and Joe Meleschko, and they were at it again against Rayne F. Both won two sets and both came close to making it three.  Against Dave Marsh, Evans was two games to one up and Meleschko 2-0 up but Marsh got there in the end.

And new signing Tony Smith, returning to the game after 50 years, gave a possible glimpse of things to come when he fully stretched Keith Flowers, a player who went into the match with a 60 per cent win record, before going down 8-11. 12-10, 11- 7, 11-13, 11-7.

Netts D came off worst but they were playing a strong Notley B side of Gordon Fairchild, Steve Noble and Mick Richardson, so a 10-0 defeat was always on the cards.

Rayne G were facing an equally strong-looking Rayne E team, for whom Dean Andrews was unbeaten, but Steve Siggs’ two wins could yet prove vital.

Bottom team Notley C’s fortunes could be on the up if, as expected, Laing makes more appearances in the second half of the season.  In the meantime wins by Huxtable and Leon Hewitt over Dave Hardy gave them a useful two points against Liberal C.

Ron Fosker’s Weekly League Report 17-12-17

The Felsted RBL C  juggernaut rolls on – and even Shirley Carroll, who is a cut above most in division three of the Braintree Table Tennis League, could do nothing about it. Apart from their opening fixture, when they ran into a top-form Peter Taylor, Felsted have won every match 9-1 or 10-0 and Rayne I were the latest team to fall into the latter bracket.

In her first appearance of the season, Carroll took Andy Laws to four games, lost to Dean Wood 11-5 in the fifth and stretched Nick Butler to 11-9 in the fifth. She came close to beating Butler after taking the first two games and reaching deuce in the third, but he just scraped home and, like Wood, still only has that defeat by Taylor against his name.

Rayne H climbed into second place, but not in a manner they would have wished.  They lost 7-3 to Black Notley F and moved just two points ahead of Notley E, who did not play and now have a match in hand. Declan Baines was unbeaten for Notley F.

Dave Whiting turned out for Rayne J for only the second time this season and his three sets helped them to an 8-2 win over Netts F.

Alan Billing was undefeated in Notley G’s 6-4 win over their own H team.

Leaders Notley B were in ruthless mood in division two, taking all ten from Rayne G, while chasing Liberal C, with only two players, were restricted to a 6-4 win over Rayne F’s team.

Gareth Davies took his three singles while Garry Fryatt just failed to follow suit after losing at 12-10 in the fifth against Dave Moles.

Ken Lewis made a rare appearance for Nomads, who beat Notley C 8-2, while Netts D scored only their second win of the season, 6-4 against Notley D, despite three defeats against Sean Clift.

In division one, any lingering hopes Netts A may have had of making a challenge for the title have surely disappeared after a surprise 6-4 defeat to their own C team.

With both Andy Holmes and John Cleasby in the side that was hardly a result they would have expected.  But Nikki Davison beat both of them, as well as reserve Steve Buer, and James Mullane joined in with a win over Holmes that must rank as one of the best of his career.

Notley A are making a determined effort to get away from danger.

After only one win in their first ten matches, they made it two wins in two matches – and it is no coincidence that Lucy Wang played in both.  She was joined by Victor Chan in winning three singles and the doubles in the 7-3 success over Liberal B.

Rayne D could also enjoy a modest celebration.  Their 6-4 defeat by Rayne C was their closest so far.  Unusually it was an undefeated Paul Lombardi, normally in the shadow of his teammates, who did the damage.