Help needed
Braintree Table Tennis League players Ryan Pitt, the league fixtures secretary, has asked for a bit of help putting the weekly results on to the website. 

We have agreed that the ideal solution would be for different people to take responsibility for each division.  That means we are looking for two recruits. The task will not be onerous.  You will just be asked to input the results of five matches each week.  Team captains will be asked to copy their results both to Ryan and the divisional representative. 

I am assured that inputting is not difficult and Ryan or Table Tennis England will be able to give instructions. If you think you can help, can you email me on   That’s preferable to replying directly to this message as I’m told that that is not always successful

I look forward to hearing from you With best wishes Ron Fosker

BNCA TTC AGM minutes and reports

BNCA TTC members

The minutes of the club AGM held on Thursday can be downloaded HERE.  Also included are the general secretary’s report and the treasurer’s report, as presented at the meeting, together with the accounts and the fee structure for next season.

And a reminder that the club will be open on Tuesday and Thursday for knocking but not for the following eight weeks, when it will be used for the summer league.


Club AGM

This is a reminder that the club AGM will be held on Thursday of this week at 7.30. This is open to all BNCA players. It is your chance to discuss how the club is run, things you would like to see improved etc.

I hope to see many of you there

With best wishes


Help Needed

All Notley players

I’m sending this round again (below) as I have only received two replies – thanks, again, to Gordon, and also to Adam.  Both have agreed to set up the hall at the beginning of the evening but they have said, quite reasonably, that they don’t wish to hang around all evening to help tidy up again afterwards.  We therefore need someone to pop along around 9.00pm to help clear the hall.  We have 40 players signed on.  It would be nice to think one of you could find the time.


You may remember I wrote to all Notley players asking if some of you could be at the club on the evenings when it’s being used for the league cup finals.  I was disappointed that I only had one offer to help out last week – thank you Gordon – so I hope one or more of you will be able to get there next week to help out.  The handicap cup final is being held on Tuesday (May 22).  I am away on holiday and it would not look good is no one is there to represent the club and help to find the equipment, set up the room etc.  You need not stay all evening although it would be ideal if someone is there at 7.00 and someone else could pop in at, say, 9.00 to help tidy up.

All offers welcome




All BTTL players

The league has been asked if we can help introduce some local Scouts to table tennis.  They have provisionally booked the hall at Black Notley from 8.00 to 9.30pm on Wednesday 20 June and Friday 22 June.

We feel as a league we should help, as introducing anyone to the game can only be a good thing.  But we will need volunteers to help out on the day.  A number of you came along last time we entertained some Scouts (four of whom joined the league coaching sessions afterwards) and it would be good if we could get a band of helpers together again.

We will set up four or five tables on each day so will need one player to supervise each table.  We will restrict numbers to three Scouts per table.  No coaching skills are required, just a willingness to get the ball back and offer basic help.

I’ll need to get back to the Scout organisers within a week or so, so I’d be grateful if you could let me know by the end of next week if you can help out on one of those dates



BNCA Menbers

BNCA members

Now that the season has finished, the club will be available for practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the start of the summer league at the end of June.

It will not, however, be open on either 10 or 22 May, when the league is staging the cup finals, details of which I’ve just emailed round.



All BNCA Players

All BNCA players

(The below can be copied and pasted into you word processing programme)

The season may only just be finishing, but we need to start thinking about next season pretty quickly as the closing date for entries soon comes around.

I’d be grateful, therefore, if you could all complete the form below about your intentions and wishes for next season.  If there is no change, feel free just to put ‘as this season’. If there is anyone new who you think might want to play for us please let us know.

1.    Membership

a)    Can you please let me know whether you expect to
rejoin the club next season?

b)    If you do expect to rejoin, which category of
membership are you likely to take out?

– League Full (includes approx 18 matches and full practice

– League Restricted (includes approx 10 matches but no
practice facilities)

– League Reserve (match fees payable for each match but no
practice facilities)

– Non-League (full practice facilities only)

2.    League Preferences

a)    If you do plan to join as a league member, what
playing preferences do you have?

– Division

= 1 only

= 2 only

= 3 only

= 1 or 2

= 2 or 3

Home night

= Tuesday

= Thursday

= either

– Are you willing to be a team captain?

– Any players you would like to play with?

Could you please return the form to me, Ron & copied to Dave Parker on




BTTL members

As previously circulated, the league AGM will be held on Thursday May 17, 7.30, at the Liberal Club, 106 Coggeshall Road, Braintree .

An agenda, minutes of the last AGM and rule change proposals are here

I look forward to seeing you there


BNCA Members

Please see the note below from Paul Davison



Dear all

Following on from the success of the last May’s “Lift Off!” Top 12 event, I have booked our venue (Earls Colne Recreation Club) on the above date for a new day of “Top 12” competitions. These are open to all Braintree League players as well as those of other leagues.

I am writing to you with the section “B” event in mind, which is aimed at Div. 2 / 3 Braintree League players or equivalent. Please therefore forward this email to your team mates to inform them of this event.

The timings for the “B” level event is arrival from 10am for a 10.30pm start, with finish around 12.30pm.

There will also be a prize money as follows; £10 Winner, £5 runner-up. The entry price £4.50 (NETTS Members £4.00).

A Cadet event will run at the same time, so it should be a good morning of table tennis. The bar will be open afterwards for those that want a drink. In the afternoon there will be a Section “A” and “Premier” Section.

If you wish to enter please let me know via return of this email by end of Sunday 15thApril. Please also feel free to pass this email on to anyone else whom might be interested in playing.




Paul Davison

NETTS Club Secretary / Coach