All BNCA Players

All BNCA players

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The season may only just be finishing, but we need to start thinking about next season pretty quickly as the closing date for entries soon comes around.

I’d be grateful, therefore, if you could all complete the form below about your intentions and wishes for next season.  If there is no change, feel free just to put ‘as this season’. If there is anyone new who you think might want to play for us please let us know.

1.    Membership

a)    Can you please let me know whether you expect to
rejoin the club next season?

b)    If you do expect to rejoin, which category of
membership are you likely to take out?

– League Full (includes approx 18 matches and full practice

– League Restricted (includes approx 10 matches but no
practice facilities)

– League Reserve (match fees payable for each match but no
practice facilities)

– Non-League (full practice facilities only)

2.    League Preferences

a)    If you do plan to join as a league member, what
playing preferences do you have?

– Division

= 1 only

= 2 only

= 3 only

= 1 or 2

= 2 or 3

Home night

= Tuesday

= Thursday

= either

– Are you willing to be a team captain?

– Any players you would like to play with?

Could you please return the form to me, Ron & copied to Dave Parker on



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