League Newsletter

NEWSLETTER  Welcome to the new season.  We haven’t had a newsletter for some time but as there have been a few changes, I thought it was time for one.  I’ll start with another reminder that all clubs must register their players with the league before they play, and that every player must be registered with […]

BNCA members

I’m told there are still quite a few players who have not yet registered with Table Tennis England this season. To save you a couple of clicks, the address is https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/membership/register-or-renew/player-membership/. Ron

All BTTL Members

All BTTL members A reminder that the league AGM will be held at the Liberal Club on Thursday May 23, at 7.30.  All players are invited to attend and club secretaries are reminded that all clubs should be represented.  Under rule 4 (j), clubs with only one team will be fined £10 if no one […]

Elementor #283

BTTL team captains I have been told that at least one team captain has been taken by surprise that his team is playing in the handicap cup this week, so I thought it worth reminding everyone.  The cup draw is below.  BNCA C V NETTS E BNCA G V Rayne F Felsted B V BNCA […]